PlantCuriousAbout Us

We are so excited to bring you PlantCurious the UK’s first exclusively plant based recipe box.

Our focus is simple – to help people to discover new flavours, and experiment with new ways of cooking through eating more plants, and at the same time educate our customers on the variety, sustainability, ecology and beauty of a plant-based diet.

Our boxes contain wholesome organic vegetables – many of which are sourced from veganic or stock-free farms. All boxes come with recipe cards and special products from partners to help customers make simple delicious and healthy plant-based meals.

Stock-free or veganic fruits and vegetables are grown using green manures, crop rotations, vegetable composts and mulches. Avoiding all artificial chemicals and sprays, livestock manures and animal remains from slaughter houses which are commonly used on non-organic and even organic produce.

Our first 100 boxes sold out within days with 70% sold within 24hours, we return in September with 200 boxes after which we are offering a fortnightly subscription service. We have been keeping availability limited to ensure we maintain quality and to give us a chance to fully ensure our recipes, delivery, ingredients and service are on point.

The response to our first 100 boxes was amazing a few of our favourite quotes from the UK’s PlantCurious below:

#keddars “Been thinking about going a bit more vegan for a while now, so signed up to @plantcurious_ – the UK’s first plant-based recipe box. Yesterday we made their Vegan samurai miso ramen with homemade dumplings…….it was out of this world! If all vegan food is this damn good then I’m sold”

#simonwayphoto “@plantcurious_ you guys are the gift that keeps on giving….You will make a chef out of me yet!”

#mokofood “Another tasty meal courtesy of @plantcurious_ recipe box, it felt good eating so many vegetables. Ive never really eaten sweet potato this way before with the cannellini beans and tahini dressing it was yum. I really recommend @plantcurious_ to people who might be thinking about going plant based as you will learn new skills as well as tasting well balanced tasty food!”

#lauramitchelmore “First box from plant curious @plantcurious_ food was super tasty and was really fun to cook! Learnt stuff. Ate stuff”


Woj GaworPlantCurious Founder & Managing Director

Wojs approach towards his conventional western diet and lifestyle took a complete turn when his fatherinlaw Richard was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Richard surprised the family when he refused conventional medicine, choosing life and health through a vegan diet and juicing.

Woj followed in his example and was swiftly joined by other members of the family, the changes in everyone were remarkable. None more than in Woj whose weight and health changes astounded his friends and family.

As a vegan for almost 2 years now, Woj has educated himself in plant based nutrition and health. His interests in health and wellness extend well beyond just food – into yoga, meditation and holistic health.

Wojs focus is simple, to help people discover new flavours and experiment with new ways of cooking through eating more plants.

When not running, cycling, growing vegetables or climbing and jumping off high things, Woj can be found in the kitchen with his wife Angela dreaming up nutritious plant based meals occasionally pairing them with one or two glasses of biodynamic wine.


Angela GaworPlantCurious Co-Founder & Development Manager

Like many of our customers, Angela is the primary chef in the household, long before the family became vegan, Angela tried to get them all eating a more plant based diet.

Angela is not only a delectable chef, wonderful mother and loving wife but also a brilliant and successful entrepreneuer who single handedly designed, manufactured and marketed her own range of luxury vegan candles which are a huge hit with high end interior designers and sold throughout a number of shops in London and through her own website.

When she is not inventing new candle fragrances, whipping up delicious plates of food or juggling her Children between after school clubs, she is utilising her skills in marketing, social media and photography to promote PlantCurious.

Angela lost her father to a bad diet and bad lifestyle choices, whilst ultimately he did not beat cancer in the way most people might see it, he beat it in the way he handled living with it, he used it as a blessing to better himself and to better his family, leaving a legacy that Angela holds close to her heart, ‘to heal the world with plants’, this is at the foundation of PlantCurious.


Elizabeth GaworPlantCurious Co-Founder & Financial Director

Elizabeth is Woj’s mum, Woj is one of 6 children, which makes Elizabeth a real life superhero, she is level headed and the financial brains behind the business.

Being a mother to six children all with very different personalities and now grandmother to another 5, Elizabeth has spent the last 40 years cooking to a variety of meal requests and diets, budgets, food shortages, you name it she’s cooked it.

Every successful business needs a mum at its heart who looks after its customers, who only sees the best in people and dreams of a peaceful world without disease, famine or injustice to all species. The PlantCurious team is lucky enough to have Elizabeth to fulfill this role.

Max and Lucia GaworPlantCurious Ambassadors

Max is a big advocate of rice milk, falafels and sweet chilli (not necessarily on the same plate). When not playing football or running cross country Max can be found rigorously tasting Woj and Angelas creations. Nothing makes it into our recipes without his stamp of approval.

Lucia has the most important job, She is our ambassador for the future – her love and kindness towards animals exemplifies the PlantCurious positive vibes towards humanity, animals and the planet.