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PlantCurious is back with the peoples choice our Phad Thai Zoodles along with with 2 new mouth watering dishes.

Included in the box are 3 unique meals for 2 people

Phad Thai Zoodles – Raw Phad Thai with Courgetti Zoodles, a diced vegetable ensemble with coriander, lemon and a piquant sesame and peanut sauce, served with a side of rice. We can use alternative nuts if you have a peanut allergy.

Harissa Medames – A take on the hugely popular middle eastern dish Shakshuka, Creamy butter beans cooked in a rich harissa spiced tomato sauce, served with a bulgur and quinoa tabbouleh with fresh cucumber, mint, parsley and tomatos drizzled with a garlic and lemon infused tahini dip.

Chifa Champignons – Chifa is a fusion of Peruvian and Cantonese cooking styles, one of the most famous dishes being a Lomo Saltado or sauted loin, our loins of portabello mushrooms are marinated in tamari and liquid smoke and served with oven roasted tomatos, peppers and onions which brings out their sweetness. All served on a creamy cushion of mushroom infused risotto.

Consisting of the recipe cards and fresh Organic and Veganic ingredients measured out and proportioned especially for you.

We are so excited for you to cook our delicious and nutritious meals, if you are proud of what you make please photograph your creations and post on social media #plantcurious or tag us in with @plantcurious_

RRP £42 (£7 a plate)

(You are not entering into a subscription, this is a one time product purchase)

We are passionate about keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible so included in the price is free delivery through the UPS click and collect service, with 2,500 access points available across the country, you’re never far from your nearest pick-up location. We also offer Wednesday delivery to your door just choose which option suits you, if you are not in UPS will either leave in a safe place, with a neighbour or at the nearest click and collect location just let us know which is best.
Click and collect customers please remember these are fresh vegetables which require you to pick them up and get into the fridge within 24hrs of being delivered, unfortunately we cannot guarantee freshness past this time and will not accept returns picked up later than this.
Please note the click and collect option is not yet automated, therefore we will contact you shortly after you check out to confirm your nearest collection point. We have the locations of those of you have ordered before so will use those unless you inform us you want to change the location.


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